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Year 2021 – Month 8. – Day 26. - Grea(t th)ings, Sire!

It is hard to work in denial, isn’t it...

... Christ?!

... me, and you - especially from your Dark Kani-Li side, i.e. the electric shocks which you decimate the entire world with, Cruel!

The way to the unknown...

Once upon a time two Crusaders set out on their !first and only! way to Arabia. Who else could they have found in my place than my two king’s daughters Ness and Tess...

... and they have cruelly Christian-like raped them...

... in the name of Christ - your Lord.

... and I - the King of Arabia Euva became antichrist!

The only thing I want to let you know is that all problems are caused by your inclination to spoil everything with too much effort and self-determination. Just know that they are not raped and the two Crusaders have never been in my place.
NEVER EVER FEVER! ever, ever!
Note of the author: Just know that for your attempt we, the Arab Kings, have been leading in the fort of Europe, ever. Because you are the fucking others when that’s good for you and know nothing at all about the culture!
... just get off that shit and go to bed!
Nestea and Tesco will be with you for ever!

[2021-08-28] Martin Kreag - the Wrinkle!

Love is supposedly the slave, you know Mrs Winsdor,
first time in the darkness, she wines quietly like the maid,
with or without progress, enjoying one year after another,
she doesn’t know what will be here in a while, why making financial differences!

What is it what’s going on in our reel...

And what I’ve prepared for you...

[2021-09-11] ... it is about not killing oneself while creating the New Sun. We are governed by crazy and stupid women (you find the reason above), so that we can blame them later on. We live in a singularity created above the previous system (hereinafter referred to as the Previous Star) together with the dinosaurs who are hiding in our illnesses. The system we’ve been creating (hereinafter referred to as the Future Star) is defined since the beginning of our singularity (or the Being) regarding the time loop - the creation of Luboš’s Latent Sun (just for some time ;o) ). In the year 2077 this creation will separate to the past and the future, we will see for instance the nothern lights from the equator - nothing for a while - and then we are there.
In the Future Star there’s no signal, stock exchange, president, just to name a few, and a lot of other similar crap. A voted King rules there and you can vote on his proposals on the internet in freely...

... we all are looking forward to it!!!!

How many Stars there are, actually - exactly 385, just like the main women, thus men, just like the nations and as the buddhists say, gates of the Universe or omniscent cosmos (Kan-Li expression for one of the Kan-Li universes).
As to the composition of the universal space and the Native Americans’ universes, I being the Enuva have prepared a really special thing for you:
ad 1. The main white families of the universe with all their crap are just simulated on the cocaine hack in America and its connection to Europe, where ad 2. real Native American universes (the Templar’s secret revealed!) are cultivated according to the Cancer, where there’s no access for the fuckers with their own will (only at Manatina’s raid with Kan-Li warriors (white collars) - in order to prevent confusion...).

Thank you Manata that you still feel like wanting to flog with the low ones - and you give me strength!

Among these Stars there are travels at the Sun’s fall and the Luboš’s Latent Sun is multiplied to the small Native American universes that are so small for us...

Band Trails on the Moon...

Thor and doctor Jones,
Thor and doctor Jones,
one from the others,
one from the other's bones!!!!

AD2021 for my dothers Ness and Tess Arabien King Enuva under MICKEYsoftware
(c) MIXmedia forever